Located in Canyon County, Idaho Middleton is a quiet small town of around 6,000 people. In it’s original location Middleton was one of the oldest original settlements in the area and the oldest settlement in Canyon County. It got it’s name due to be located about mid-way between Boise and an old ferry crossing on the Snake River. In 1872 the Boise River caused a massive flood which isolated the town on it’s own island and eventually caused the town to be moved to where it is located now.

Near the Idaho/Oregon border Middleton is Westernly located in Idaho, making it ideal for those looking to escape the busy pace of city life, or for those who have family in Oregon or North Idaho. There are also a number of activites and things to do including a number of great parks and natural areas like Jump Creek and the Kuna Caves.


Lake Owyhee State Park is also just a short drive West and features some of the best opportunties for boating and water sports in the area.


The Owyhee Reservoir is a 53-mile-long lake, filling a narrow, deep canyon brimming with colorful volcanic rock formations. The stunning desert canyone scenery is rugged and beautiful with Some of the unique geology being visible only by boat. This oasis is also a favorite spot for anglers as well, especially for those seeking largemouth bass and black crappie.


Other Fun

The Canyon County Fair is a big event for the entire county every Summer and features free concerts, carnival rides, exhibits, and of course delicious foods.

Go jump out of a perfectly good plane! Believe it or not the wide open areas between towns makes for some of the best drop zones in the state! There are several sky-diving companies surrounding Middleton that are more than glad to take you up for the high altitude thrills you’ve been looking for!

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